How To Apply Makeup: A Begginer’s Guide


Arguably, wearing makeup is a common practice in today’s society, especially among women. However, if you are a newbie in this world of cosmetics, you need to understand the best strategies for applying the makeup if you want it to turn out lucrative. Let’s sift through the on how to apply makeup;

1. How to apply makeup on your face

Before you use the new makeup, you must remove the old makeup. You can do this by using a clean palette. Remember, if you apply more makeup on top of the other, your end look will not be appealing at all. A makeup remover and baby oil can be handy in removing all the makeup residues. After that, wash your face and apply your concealer on the bottom eyelids, over red patchy areas or any dark spots. Put on a coat foundation that is similar to your skin color. The next step is to apply a highlighter to provide some depth to your skin. You can use a cream or powder highlighter to brighten the deep areas of your skin. Finally, apply a little blush to the cheeks.

2. Applying makeup on your eyes

To apply makeup on your eyes follow the following steps;
• Apply eyeshadow: -use an eyeshadow brush to put on the eyeshadow on your eyelid to achieve a classic look. Start in the center and blend outwards. Typically, applying a single color gives an incredible look.
• Apply your eyeliner: -to achieve a fuller lash line, apply the eyeliner. You should choose a color that resembles your natural eye if you want to look incredibly good. You can use an eyeliner pencil to accomplish this.
• Apply some mascara: – you will guide you to get the best mascara for you. Look downwards and apply the mascara to the top lash. You should start with the inner part and then the outer part. Leave the mascara to dry.

3. How to apply makeup on your lips

dgrhjtjjYour lips are equally important just like the other parts. To add some color to the lips, apply lip palmer, sealer or balm. The primary reason for doing this is to prevent your lips from flaking and ensuring that your makeup lasts longer. Apply a lip liner that that is similar to your lip color for a dramatic look. The lip liner helps you to implement the lipstick easier. Now, apply a lipstick of your choice over the lip liner. Start applying at the center and proceed outwards. Ensure that you do not overdo the makeup.
Applying makeup can be a daunting task. However, with the tips explained in this article on how to apply makeup, you will find everything worryingly easy. Try them!