Exploring The Relationship Between Power And Success


The Reciprocal Arithmetic of Power and Success

Napoleon Bonaparte was a very powerful general, and he attracted immense success. Warren Buffet is a very successful investor, and he wields a lot of soft power in the business circles. In a curious sense, power tends to create success, and success fosters power. History reminds us of how great men and women rose to the summit of power because of a significant measure of success, which they enjoyed. In fact, power may come as a direct consequence success.

Success as a Means to Power

In many ways, success allows individuals some leverage that makes it easy for them to acquirekjbaedfshjbgkj power. One distinguishing aspect of success is that it tends to avail crucial resources that can be used by an individual to gain power. Societies tend to attach a certain level of respect to people who achieve great financial success. In the long term, such respect eventually converts into the raw power of some kind. The basic idea is that highly successful people are more provident than the ordinary folks, which makes them powerful.

The Role of the Ego

xzcvn m hMany men and women who achieve surpassing levels of success tend to develop a domineeringĀ ego that propelsĀ them to power. This characteristic is evident among wealthy people in any society who tend to seek ways of converting their financial success into political power. The political ambitions of former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and the United States presidential contender, Donald Trump, are clear illustrations of the tendency of financial success to spur political power.

A New Look at the Relationship Between Power and Success

A close look at the lives of many successful people reveals that it is possible to use power to realize success in any field. In the business world, powerful brands such as Mc Donald’s and Coca-Cola often enjoy greater competitive advantages than struggling brands. Naturally, all forms of competition tend to incline for the most powerful competitors. The relationship between power and success also plays out in the field of sports where powerful teams always win the Premier League.
Ultimately, the relationship between power and success manifests in multiple reciprocal dynamics. Success often makes it easier for individuals to gain power, whereas power enhances success because of its leveraging influence. In the process of pursuing success, many people tend to gain power and privilege in the society. In this regard, it is impossible to conceptualize success without thinking about some form of power at the same time.