Facts about Pomsky Puppies

With the present online world, it is easy to get prompts that may lead you to the wrong direction at any time when you are looking for the pomsky puppies. This should be avoided as they may be scams and you may find yourself with a different dog. Find the pomsky puppies for sale (Jan, 2017 updated). DNA tests, transparency, detailed paperwork and informative details about the dog should characterize the process of purchasing the dog.

Buying pomsky puppies

The height of the dogdsadsadsadas

The dog is estimated to grow to the height of 10 to 15 inches and offerings of dogs estimated to be taller than this range are most likely not a pomsky.

Weight of the dog

Most people tend to ask how big the pomsky will get. The real answer to this question when buying a puppy should not be based on estimates from the breeder but rather on the average of the parents’ weight. This is usually anywhere between 20 to 30 pounds.


The dog is very loving and intelligent and is protective of the owner thus making a great guard dog. It is also very playful and cheerful, and in some instances, it may be gloomy a character inherited from the parents.


The appearance of the pomsky is quite unpredictable from one pomsky to another, but the general appearance of the parents may give a general idea of what the dog will look like.


The pomsky¬†sheds its far, and it is advisable that you brush its fur regularly to ensure that it’s far is well taken care of. The Pomeranian descent also may pass down an undesirable characteristic of plaque accumulation which may mean that the dogs may have dental issues. It is, therefore, paramount to visit a vet for their dental checkups.


The pomsky is a very active dog, and diets that give it plenty of energy and proteins are essential for its growth and energy need requirements. Apart from right foods the dog should also be exercised regularly so that it remains healthy and is not distraught and therefore exhibiting destructive habits.